How can I take part?

How can you participate?

If you’re a non-profit organisation and run energy poverty projects, electrical rehabilitation projects for social purposes, or educational projects involving an electrical or lighting installation, you can use the CIRCULAR PLACE social marketplace to find free products donated by producers, distributors, and manufacturers of these materials.

You can play a part in the social marketplace in two ways:

1. Browsing the available product offers and requesting their donation, after describing the project in which you’d use them.

2. Uploading the projects you currently run at your non-profit organisation so that the producers and distributors on the platform can analyse whether they’re interested in the project and the products they can donate.

To play a part in CIRCULAR PLACE, you need to meet some minimum requirements and complete the pre-registration form.

If your pre-registration request is accepted, you’ll receive an email explaining what you need to do to complete the registration process.

Once registered, you can enter CIRCULAR PLACE and request products or upload projects.


Be up to date with the payment of your tax and labour obligations


Submit the requested documents, including company by-laws, to correctly complete validation.

If making a request for products, you must accept the manufacturer’s terms & conditions (terms & conditions of transport and delivery of goods, guarantee, tax relief certificate, etc.)


Provide documentation and possible visual material of the project (in PDF format) in which the product will be used. Some donors may ask for project documentation to be sent to them after the donation.

A donation certificate for tax relief, whenever the donor requests it, for the book value of the material delivered.

What products will I find?


Temperature exchange apparatus such as fridges, air conditioners, or heaters.


Monitors, screens and devices with screens larger than 100 cm2

Energy-efficient and LED light bulbs, as well as fluorescent lamps and other light bulbs.
washing machine

Large electrical appliances measuring more than 50cm, such as energy generation, transmission, transformation, accumulation, and measurement devices; monitoring and control instruments; industrial production machinery and robotics.

hair dryer

Small electrical appliances measuring less than 50cm, such as electrical equipment and small electrical control and protection devices; energy generation, transmission, transformation, accumulation and measurement devices; and/or monitoring and control instruments.


Small IT and telecommunication devices such as computers, multifunction devices, printer cartridges, mobile phones, and/or other IT equipment.

photovoltaic panel

Large photovoltaic panels, including ones containing silicon and ones containing cadmium telluride.

What projects can I propose?

You can upload any project that requires the use and/or installation of electrical and electronic equipment, preferably lighting equipment, and low voltage electrical equipment.

Projects must be aimed at energy poverty actions, educational projects, or other types of projects with social purposes.

Benefits of getting a donation

icon hands

You’re getting low voltage electrical installation material and new lighting for free, giving this material a second life.

circular economy

You’re contributing to the transition towards a circular economy, thus reducing environmental impact and contributing to the development of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

circular place donation

You’re providing added value to your social projects, through products from accredited manufacturers/producers that provide protection to people and the environment.